Forget Briefs, How DC Firms Are Wooing Summer Associates

Source: The National Law Journal

By Suzanne Monyak

From white-water rafting trips to casino nights and parties, Washington's law firms are hosting a slew of social events for this year's summer associates in an effort to prepare them — and court them — to rejoin the firm as first-year associates after graduation.

The hiring partners and members of the recruitment committees who oversee the summer associate programs all emphasized the purpose of the social outings as ways to bond the summer associates, allow them to learn from more senior attorneys, and give them a taste of what it would be like to work as a junior associate at the firm.

Michelle Fivel, a partner at legal recruiting firm Major, Lindsey & Africa, attributed the time and money these firms spend on their summer associate programs as both a means to integrate the associates-to-be into the firm early as well as to stay competitive in the job market and recruit the top law students from the top schools.

"Their summer programs and the things that they offer are one way of distinguishing themselves from each other," Fivel said.

Fivel also stressed that while the social events and perks are certainly fun, the summer associates do work hard and contribute to the firms.

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