GC Comp 2016: The Stock Awards Edition

Source: Corporate Counsel

By Jennifer WIlliams-Alvarez

In many of our general counsel compensation categories, the winner just narrowly edges out the runner-up. In the case of total take-home cash, for example, The Walt Disney Co.'s Alan Braverman's haul was not even $200,000 more than the GC in the No. 2 spot. And with base salary, the No. 1 came out on top by only $500,000.

We see a different picture when it came to stock awards. Apple Inc.'s Bruce Sewell, with his $20 million in shares, beat out the others who joined him on our 2016 General Counsel Compensation list by more than $10 million.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Given the sluggish economy, this doesn't go against expectations, says Bob Graff, a partner and recruiter in the in-house practice group at legal search consultants Major, Lindsey & Africa. "Growth was much more rapid after the recession, now it's leveled off. So the variable part of executive compensation is going to reflect that slower growth," he says. "Last year was a tough year for companies to perform, and the stock market didn't do too well, so it's not surprising that these numbers went down."

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