How To Be Indispensable Without Being A Rainmaker

Source: Law360

By Kevin Penton

For rainmakers who consistently bring in new clients and business, its relatively easy to be viewed as indispensable. However, for those who do not easily make pitches in crowded boardrooms or woo new clients during their lunch breaks, achieving a pronounced standing within a firm is still possible.

Here, legal industry experts discuss common ways non-rainmaker attorneys can make themselves stand out and be deemed irreplaceable.

For those who are not natural rainmakers, one of the best ways to be seen as indispensable is to develop a specialized skill set or dig into an industry niche, said Pam DiCarlantonio, a partner at legal search firm Major, Lindsey & Africa.

Basic supply-and-demand principles can help drive an attorney's value in situations where their knowledge base or skills are crucial to a client or to the firm's bottom line, DiCarlantonio said.

"If your skill set is more in demand or more unique," DiCarlantonio said, "you might be able to drive a higher price and really feel more valued than you might otherwise if it's more of a dime-a-dozen-type practice where lots of people do what you do."

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