In-House Attorneys Motivated by New Challenges

By Gary McKillips, Atlanta Business Chronicle

While the size of in-house legal departments has remained fairly constant in the Atlanta area, organizations are changing the mix by hiring attorneys in such specialties as regulatory compliance, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), privacy, labor and employment and real estate.

According to Rebecca Glatzer, a managing director in the recruiting firm Major, Lindsey & Africa, the recession created a downward pressure on both in-house departments and firms in recent years, but that is changing. "Since the beginning of the New Year there's been a real uptick in terms of hiring, but the market is still highly competitive. There are still more good candidates in the marketplace than there are jobs available."

The decision to work for a firm or corporation is not clear cut.

"There is a tendency, particularly in corporate legal departments, for people to stick and stay. Rightly or wrongly," Glatzer said. "There is this view that working for a company is the brass ring because attorneys perceive better work-life balance, more creativity and the benefits of having just one client."

Glatzer said candidates are also excited about in-house opportunities because "there's a sense it's part law and part business and there's more of a creative aspect to it than there is with a law firm." The recruiter also noted that rarely do corporations require their attorneys to keep track of hours as they do in firms.

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