Latham Gains New Recruiting Tool in Top NY Judge Hire

Source: Law360

By Natalie Rodriquez

Latham & Watkins LLP has scored not just a valuable litigation sounding board but also a highly prized draw for young talent by bringing on board Jonathan Lippman, the recently retired top judge of New York's highest court, experts say.

"When you have someone with the type of reputation that Lippman has, I would think that's a motivator for [young lawyers]," said Jeffrey R. Liebster, a partner with legal recruiting firm Major, Lindsey & Africa LLC.

"It's not always easy for law students to tell which firms are sincere [about pro bono]," said Jon Lindsey, a New York founding partner of Major, Lindsey. Bringing Lippman on board "is compelling testimony that the firm really does believe in it," he added.

"A firm as large as Latham has clients that constantly need wise counsel for their crisis management issues or very thorny litigation matters, [so] it really helps to have someone with great judgment," Lindsey said. "In an appellate practice, to have someone say this argument is less likely to carry the day or this brief is too long, this practical advice … can be very valuable."

"He has, in effect, run a big business for many years. He was [essentially] keeping the trains running on time. He is very practical and sensible and will undoubtedly add a lot of value to business clients," said Lindsey.

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