Millennials want to make partner, but take different path than older attorneys

Source: The Indiana Lawyer

By Olivia Covington, The Indiana Lawyer

Generational differences between baby boomer and millennial attorneys have created stark differences in how members of those generations approach their day-to-day tasks, but in terms of career goals, young attorneys today have the same long-term aspirations as their predecessors.

“In the past, most lawyers would not openly state that they desired a balance between work and personal life,” Michelle Fivel, a Major Lindsey & Africa partner, said in a statement. “However, to the millennial generation, work-life balance is much less taboo. In fact, millennial lawyers are nearly demanding it of firms, causing firms to offer remote work, off-track roles and other flexible arrangements.”

But the survey also showed that other elements of firm culture commonly associated with millennials are also receiving attention from older attorneys. For example, when asked if a diverse and inclusive workforce should be a firm priority, 39.61 percent of associates strongly agreed, compared to 57.5 percent of partners. While diversity and inclusion is a common and even expected part of millennial culture, Major Lindsey & Africa partners said from the perspective of older attorneys, creating a diverse workforce may be less about culture and more about client care.

“The fact that partners seem to care about the legal industry’s diversity problem more than associates indicate that partners view the problem from a business perspective,” Ru Bhatt, managing director in Major Lindsey & Africa’s associate practice group, said in a statement. “Partners feel the pressure of clients demanding more diverse teams and see the positive impact of these teams, which amounts to understanding of diversity’s crucial role.”


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