More Millennial Lawyers Going In-House

Source: Lawyers Weekly

By Emma Ryan, Lawyers Weekly

According to a report, Minding the Gap: Do Today's Associates Defy Generational Stereotypes, published by Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA Global), out of the 1,200-plus respondents, 18.75 per cent said they see themselves being employed in an in-house role in 10 years.

Meanwhile, 33.93 per cent see themselves as a partner at their current firm and 9.71 per cent see themselves as a partner at another firm.

Interestingly, aspiring to government/non-profit positions is nearly as popular as in-house counsel, with 16.28 per cent saying they expect themselves to be operating in this sort of role in 10 years.

The report asked respondents how confident they are that they would achieve their goal in the next 10 years.

The majority, 44.12 per cent, said they are confident; 31.19 per cent said they are unsure; 22.02 per cent said very confident; 3.67 per cent said they are doubtful that they could achieve their goal in the next 10 years, and 1 per cent said very doubtful.

Of those who said they expect to be in an in-house role in the next 10 years, 85.71 per cent said it is because they believe there is a better work/life balance available in in-house roles. Meanwhile, 57.14 per cent said it's the opportunity to become a business decision-maker that attracts them the most.


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