Should Millennials Be Sharing Their Salary Information With Coworkers?

Source: Forbes

By Kaytie Zimmerman

Millennials are making waves in their offices for their lack of privacy when it comes to their salary. They often share it with their peers to see how they stack up and determine if they are being paid fairly. But should they?

Benefits Of Sharing Salary With Peers

Even with the legal protection for this type of sharing, there could be other negative consequences that could come about from taking action. What benefits can we see from sharing in spite of consequences?

"Frustrated by the ongoing gender wage gap in our country, many young professionals are more motivated than ever before to disclose their salaries to coworkers," says Simon Robinson, President of talent search company Major, Lindsey & Africa.

Robinson continues, "For example, for a female, knowing how you stack up to your male counterpart can either give you confidence that you're a valued employee, or the feeling that you've been overlooked in some way—and in either scenario, this information is empowering. It can give you the leverage you need to ask for a raise or the motivation to get back on the market and seek a higher-paying job."

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