Slingshot to Singapore

Source: Lawyers Weekly

By Laura Bullock, Lawyers Weekly

Singapore continues to set itself apart as an ideal destination for legal work, for both providers and consumers.

It's similar enough to Australia that Aussie lawyers won't feel out of their depth, while offering different opportunities and an expat lifestyle like no other.

"Similarities-wise I think they're both very globally focused and I think the common law element makes things a lot easier, and [there are] no difficulties for coming over as an Australian lawyer," Major, Lindsey & Africa consultant Nathan Peart says.

"Differences [are], I think, the practices tend to be far more regional and so your mix of work is interesting but very, very different."


One growing area of legal practice in Singapore is dispute resolution, through both the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).

However, Mr Peart says that because Australia's arbitration seat is less developed than that of Singapore, Australian lawyers tend to be less experienced in arbitration work.

"I think the trouble with the Australian market is there aren't a huge amount of pure international arbitration lawyers around," he says.

"You're obviously competing against people in, say, the UK or in Hong Kong who've got those pure practices. You'd need at least 60 per cent experience in international arbitration, preferably more, to really compete in that space."

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