The Hungry Lawyer Abroad

By Vivia Chen, The American Lawyer

Hungry lawyers will do almost anything to bag a client these days. They'll climb ice glaciers, sweat through bike rides in the desert and endure Wagner operas for the sake of business development.

Sports and culture have become typical devices for lawyers to endear themselves to clients with fat wallets. But what about the globe-trotting lawyer whose social interactions with clients center mainly around food?

Eating your way to your client's heart is hardly a hardship, particularly in cities like Milan, Dubai or Hong Kong. But when your client hails from a more remote part of the world or insists that you go "native," can you decline food that's strange (to you) without ruining the relationship?

Several lawyers say that they bonded with clients by eating unusual local items. "I always tried everything, and sometimes had to run around with fire coming out of my mouth," says former immigration lawyer Sonya Som, a recruiter at Major Lindsey & Africa. "Everyone laughed at me, including me! And thus, we bonded."

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