The millennial challenge

By Allison O'Connell, The Latin American Corporate Counsel Association

There is a new breed of young adults revolutionising the workplace. Tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and natural multitaskers, but with a reputation for being stubborn, narcissistic and entitled, the so-called millennial generation is forcing companies to rethink the dynamic between employee and employer. LACCA finds out how GCs are facing the millennial challenge.

Understanding the new talent pool

Being an effective manager means understanding who you are managing and recognising which generation your workers identify with.

As the first generation in history to have grown up totally immersed in a world of digital technology – shaping their identities and political, social and cultural attitudes – millennials have embraced technology like no other generation. “As a generation native to technology and social media, millennials bring an invaluable perspective to the workplace,” says Avigdor Barrett, managing director at legal recruitment agency Major, Lindsey & Africa. “They are tech savvy, confident and inquisitive.” 

Millennials may be the “selfie-generation”, but they also care about their impact on the world around them and are much more civic-oriented than generations before them. The majority see themselves as global citizens, with a responsibility to make the world more compassionate, innovative and sustainable. They are less patriotic and more globally minded, which enables them to contribute to the general welfare of society. “They don’t just embrace diversity, they expect it,” Avigdor points out. “They want their work to have meaning and to bring a positive change in the world.” Millennials don’t just accept the status quo and will challenge the system if there’s something that can be changed for the better.

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