US Lawyers in Mini-Exodus to London as DoJ Lengthens Reach

Source: The Financial Times

US lawyers in mini-exodus to London as DoJ lengthens reach

By Kara Scannell

As the long arm of US law enforcement grows longer, it is driving another transatlantic push: a mini exodus of former US prosecutors to London, in an effort to capitalize on their expertise in dealing with American regulators.

A handful of US law firms are now recognizing a business opportunity in marketing their US law enforcement experts, at a time when the Department of Justice and other US authorities are opening investigations that stretch beyond US borders — into everything from foreign bribery to market manipulation.

Legal practices have posted US lawyers to other countries for many years now. However, the need for those with law enforcement experience represents a small but growing trend — and a new twist on the revolving door between the government and private sector.

"Law firms are seeing a longer reach of US law, and the implications of that, and I think they find it beneficial to have people on the ground who are intimately familiar with US procedures and experience," says Jeff Lowe, global practice leader of the law firm group, for recruiter Major, Lindsey & Africa. He says he has seen interest from both law firms and lawyers preparing to leave the government to relocate to London or Asia.

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