What It Takes To Get Hired At A BigLaw Firm

Source: Law360

By Fola Akinnibi

Jumping to a BigLaw firm can open doors for a partner — bringing access to more lawyers, markets, clients and of course, more money — but before an attorney can reap the rewards that come with the territory, he or she has to get hired.

Although the same basic principles that apply for the hiring process at any firm still apply at BigLaw firms, there may be a few more hoops to jump through and people to meet, according to Ron Nye, the managing partner at Major, Lindsey & Africa's Chicago office.

The process is very similar," Nye said. "It's a diligence process on both sides."

A team also plays into strategic fit, especially if a firm doesn't have a practice area and is looking to begin one. Bringing in a team can have a huge impact from day one, Nye said.

Firms love when we can bring them a group, Nye said. "If a firm is looking for a practice area that they don't currently have, if you bring a group it brings them more breadth on day one."

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