Where Are Younger Lawyers’ Priorities? Let’s Ask

Source: Above the Law

By Brian Dalton, Above the Law

Members of the millennial generation already make up the largest portion of the U.S. workforce. Their unique working style often leaves older generations scratching their heads, as millennials take a nontraditional approach to the day-to-day. They are the first generation strongly tied to technology and more influenced by social media than mainstream media outlets. Understanding how millennials work and what they want to reach a positive work/life balance is a priority for the business world.

In partnership with our friends at Major Lindsay & Africa, we wanted to dig deeper into the dynamics of this apparent cultural change in law firms. Starting today, we are running a series of (very brief) surveys designed to capture the perspective of the youngest cohort of lawyers. What differentiates them from both their generational peers and their older colleagues?

Today’s survey concerns “Priorities.” Please take a couple of minutes and share your thoughts.

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