Why Millennials Aren't Joining Your Firm

Source: Law360

By Kali Hays

Like it or not, millennials have become a powerful force in the legal industry and your firm's future depends on them, but they have different ideas than previous generations about what work should bring to their lives.

Millennials or members of Generation Y are often viewed as job hoppers with social media-shortened attention spans. But there are plenty of capable and hard-working attorneys born between the early 1980s and late 1990s who have been affected by their front-row seat to the Great Recession of the late 2000s.

Jessica Demuth, a managing director with legal recruiter Major, Lindsey & Africa LLC, also noted that younger attorneys are more mobile than ever, with constant and easy access to available opportunities through LinkedIn and even Twitter.

This heightened mobility coupled with a desire for a work-life balance means a Gen Y attorney is unlikely to stay long in an uncomfortable or inflexible work environment.

"Whatever seems more appealing is right in front of their face," Demuth said. "Millennials nowadays, if they're not happy or they're not receiving guidance or they're dealing with a 'screamer' at work, it's not something they're willing to put up with."

In order to foster a sense of involvement, Demuth said she's noticed some firms have been putting more focus and resources into teaching attorneys how to develop business.

From incentivizing networking to paying for business development courses,millennial attorneys see these as opportunities to grow and increase their value as professionals and helps them get excited about the firms they're with, according to Demuth.

"They don't want to necessarily pick a job to pick a job," she said. "They want to understand what their growth is going to be in the industry."

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