World City: Australian lawyers flock to Hong Kong

Source: Lawyers Weekly

By Laura Bullock

Hong Kong has long been an attractive destination for expats from all over the world, and Australian lawyers are starting to join the flock.

Making the move overseas is always a scary one, but if you’re heading to a place not too far away, with a strong expat community, impressive pay and fantastic culture, it makes it all the easier.

This might describe Hong Kong for many Australian lawyers: the legal industry in Hong Kong is strong and busy, and Australian lawyers are warmly welcomed, able to practice under their Australian qualifications from the day they arrive.

All about finances

Hong Kong has long been considered one of the world's financial hubs. Because of this, banking and finance work is always on the cards for lawyers, as is M&A.

"Hong Kong is constantly moving and busy," says Nathan Peart, a consultant at Major, Lindsey & Africa's Hong Kong office.

"It has a great energy about it that encourages business and opportunity. Every week the deal summaries are in the billions of dollars and feature Asia-based clients doing deals on a global scale."

Mr Peart agrees that the familiar global brand-name firms are typically where Australian lawyers find jobs in Hong Kong.

"The training and quality of work is very high at these firms and in line with what Australian lawyers would have experienced at home," he says.

"Those who are looking for a lifestyle move – Hong Kong is a great place to be," Mr Peart says."

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