Case Study - Global Manufacturing Conglomerate with new Customs and Importing Regulations


Global Manufacturing Conglomerate with new Customs & Importing Regulations.


Regulatory and ComplianceThis global corporation was awarded with the highly-regarded distinction as a "self-assessor" from the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol (USCBP), which provides importers that have made a commitment of resources, with the opportunity to assume responsibility for monitoring their own compliance, in exchange for benefits like no tax on imported goods, i.e., duty free. Thus, the company has required to submit quarterly Importer Self Assessments (ISA), a voluntary approach to trade compliance, to the USCBP. The corporation was spending $800 per hour on a legal consultant through a vendor a rate that was crippling the client's budget.


Major, Lindsey & Africa identified an opportunity for interim legal services through conversations with the GC, upon determining the current consultant rate was too costly. The legal position required a solid background within Customs and Importing regulations; the ability to interact regularly with the USCBP in compliance with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism; among other regulations. Our Solutions Practice Group located a candidate who was a former GC at one of the corporation's vendors and brokered a deal for this lawyer to be responsible for the trade department and assist with other legal needs (Customs & Border Patrol and post-9/11 import/export filings). The placement is committed to reducing outside counsel spend, delegates a portion of her workload to focus on new initiatives and is a high-profile addition to the trade department.


Thanks to our strong client relationship and timely introduction of SPG services, Major, Lindsey & Africa was awarded a 12-month renewable assignment after identifying the opportunity. Our solution was a fraction of the previous consultant cost, at $230 per hour v. $800 per hour. Overall, the GC and Director of Trade were extremely pleased with our responsiveness and detailed search method. Our candidate was chosen after a smoothly-run, two-step interview process and is a high-profile addition to the trade department. The corporation expects to decrease outside counsel costs by 50% by choosing this business model.

CATEGORY Regulatory & Compliance



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