Case Study - Global AmLaw 100 Firm and Japanese Language Document Review


A global AmLaw 100 firm undertaking a Japanese foreign language documents review.


LitigationA global AmLaw 100 firm was seeking native Japanese-speaking interim attorneys to conduct a Japanese foreign language documents review. The firm had not previously undertaken this type of assignment and needed more than just resumes – consultation about salary, market and candidate availability were necessary. Also, since the work involved a large number of clients, it was necessary to fully screen candidates to ensure there were not conflicts.


Our Solutions Practice Group provided valuable market intelligence, including the professional payroll rates on these types of candidates. Furthermore, our consultants quickly identified a limitation in the candidacy pool, leading us to advise the firm to consider translators in addition to attorneys. This ensured the review would be fully staffed. We also provided valuable information on certain statute information dealing with issues that arise with overtime and exempt employees.


Along with valuable consultation and market insight, Major, Lindsey & Africa was able to immediately assist and provide highly-qualified candidates to support with the pressing litigation matter. Along with pre-screening, each candidate was thoroughly tested to ensure each had the necessary language skills to perform to the client's standards. Initially, our firm was hired to fill eight of the original 20 openings; however the client was so happy with initial results that they asked us to fill two more spots, followed by 10 more after that. Thanks to our recruiting expertise, the success was truly a win-win for the law firm and its clients.

CATEGORY: Litigation



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