Case Study - Multinational Pharmaceutical Transactional Attorney


Featured Case StudyThe Client

A multinational pharmaceutical headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that produces branded and generic drugs and performs pharmaceutical research and development

Executive Summary

To manage a high volume of work generated from a series of M&A activity, our client required additional headcount in its New Jersey office on an as-needed basis. Our Solutions Practice Group identified talented legal professionals who could augment our client’s legal department and provide additional expertise when needed.

The Challenges

Having recently been through several mergers and acquisitions—and currently in the middle of one—our client realized that they did not have the bandwidth to handle the volume of work the series of M&A activity had produced. With a large volume of contracts that needed to be revised and negotiated, across several business units, our client needed to quickly augment their legal department to manage the contracts and meet their deadlines.

The Approach

Our Solutions Practice Group consultants assessed the current state of our client's legal department and determined that there was a void in their group that would best be filled by a seasoned transactional attorney.

The Solution

After much discussion with our client, we agreed that a transactional attorney with 7–10 years of experience was needed to handle the overflow work in their U.S.-branded products legal department. They also needed a paralegal to help track and organize more standard agreements.

Our client is currently using one transactional attorney and one contract paralegal we identified and presented to them on an ongoing, open-ended basis to augment their legal department.

The Results

By hiring two project-based legal professionals, our client was able to save money without having to spend on outside counsel. They have also benefited from the additional expertise within their legal department, which other internal departments have access to for legal advice.

We are continuing to partner with our client to augment their legal department on an as-needed, ongoing basis.

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