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Bouncing Back with Jason Esteves

When the Atlanta Public School Board of Education made the decision to replace a longstanding superintendent, Jason Esteves was thrust into the public spotlight as the board chair and spokesperson. In this episode of Bouncing Back, Jason Esteves shares with Rebecca Glatzer how he navigated the public eye while also exploring a career-path changing opportunity at Equifax.

Jason Esteves currently serves as Board Chair and an at-large representative on the Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education. He was elected on December 4, 2013, and has focused his efforts at promoting equity and improving the financial outlook of the school system. As an attorney and former educator, Jason is working to ensure every child in Atlanta Public Schools obtains an education that prepares them for college and career.

After graduating from the University of Miami, Jason devoted himself to teaching at an underperforming school in a low-income neighborhood. He worked countless hours with students, teachers, and parents to ensure his kids had the resources they needed to succeed. This experience gave Jason insights into the challenges our children face and the importance of public schools that help children overcome those challenges.

Today, Jason serves as Vice President, Legal at Equifax Inc. He was as an associate at the law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (now Dentons US LLP) after graduating from Emory University School of Law. Jason also serves on various boards of local non-profits and believes that partnerships with non-profits are vital to ensuring our children have the wraparound services they need to be able to focus on their education and development.

A native Georgia, Jason was raised in Columbus, Georgia by his parents, Linda and Fernando, a retired Army veteran. At an early age, his parents instilled in him the importance of public service and a good education. Those values are the foundation upon which Jason serves today.

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