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4 Ways To Rise To The Top In BigLaw Without Making It Rain

Aebra Coe Law360.com

Being a rainmaker is often thought of as the gold standard when it comes to "making it" in BigLaw, but experts say there are a number of ways lawyers can become highly valued partners without being stellar business generators.

Be a Lateral Magnet

Lawyers who wish to rise to the top in their law firms can also gain the respect of their colleagues by being an excellent source of talented laterals for the firm, according to Jon Lindsey, New York founding partner of Major, Lindsey & Africa LLC.

"I know several partners who have at least indirectly added more than $100 million in revenue to their firm by being outstanding recruiters of lateral partners," Lindsey said.

Some lawyers are incredibly talented at getting lateral candidates to feel positively about their firms, Lindsey said, and at getting partners and management at their own firms to do what is necessary to win over new recruits and clinch lateral deals. And, he said, the best ones are also extremely organized and good at following up and forming close relationships with key outside recruiters.

"Winning the war for talent is not something that every partner can do well, but the best ones can be extraordinarily valuable to their law firms," he said.


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