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The 4 Hottest Practice Areas For 2018

Aebra Coe law360.com

A few practice areas are set to skyrocket in 2018, launching the law firms that are poised to take advantage of client demand in those arenas to a whole new level.

Not only legal factors but also cultural, political, technological and business factors all come into play as law firms look for the next big thing in law and make efforts to stay ahead of the competition, shoring up resources and arming the troops to tackle some of the biggest legal issues clients are set to come up against in 2018.

Here, Law360 looks at four of the hottest up-and-coming practice areas right now.

Labor and Employment

The #MeToo movement — in which victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault speak out publicly on social media about their experiences — has created a cultural shift surrounding the reporting of harassment in the workplace, prompting a flood of allegations against often high-profile individuals in the business world.

The increase in reporting has created a need for more legal assistance from corporations' outside counsel as companies work to make sure their sexual harassment policies are up to date, any accusations that are made are handled properly, and litigation is resolved with as little damage, both monetarily and reputationally, as possible, says Jon Lindsey, New York founding partner of legal recruiting firm Major Lindsey & Africa.

"There can be large amounts of money at stake, and certainly reputationally, it's very fraught," Lindsey said. “This is not the typical case of someone being fired and claiming it was due to discrimination. It's much more newsworthy and likely to get more exposure."

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