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MLA's Upgraded Hire an Esquire Platform Enhances Contract Hiring Process for Small and Mid-Sized Legal Departments and Law Firms

Hanover, MD (November 15, 2023) — Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA), the world's leading legal search firm, has today announced the launch of its updated Hire an Esquire cloud-based hiring platform. As a subscription-based legal hiring platform, MLA’s Hire an Esquire platform is geared toward small and mid-sized law firms and legal departments looking to hire contract attorneys and legal professionals and in particular aims to provide them with unprecedented independence and control over their hiring process.   

Backed by MLA’s worldwide network of legal industry experts, MLA’s Hire an Esquire offers small and mid-sized law firms, as well as growing legal departments, an alternative hiring solution to manage their workloads and address skills gaps. The proprietary, online platform not only analyzes a candidate’s experience and expertise to match them with the right contract-based positions, but also allows organizations and candidates to interact directly.  “We are excited to relaunch MLA’s Hire an Esquire platform to better cater to small and mid-sized firms and legal departments looking to supplement their workload with project-based attorneys,” said Nesli Orhon, Partner and Executive Director of the Interim Legal Talent Group at MLA. “These new offerings are ideal for growth-minded organizations that value the independence and efficiencies that a tech-driven hiring model can provide.  MLA is committed to furthering our market knowledge and capabilities, and we look forward to enhancing our services and offerings alongside technology.”

For entrepreneurial legal teams who are not best served by the costly and time-intensive aspects of traditional human-driven staffing, MLA’s Hire and Esquire platform allows them to engage and to hire the freelance legal professionals they need on their own terms.  Organizations can sign up, purchase a plan, post job openings and then directly connect with top-quality, vetted contract attorneys and legal professionals through the cloud-based hiring tool. Unlike other self-managed hiring platforms, Hire an Esquire is specific to legal and vets all job seekers before they can apply to roles.

With instant matches and recommendations that provide a research-based assessment of a candidate’s hard and soft skills for a particular role, organizations can access a wide network of contract-based vetted legal talent on their own time. MLA’s Hire an Esquire candidates range from generalists to specialists who are seeking opportunities to supplement their existing workload via a flexible consulting model. Candidates are typically seeking contract-based opportunities and are skilled at doing so independently.

MLA acquired Hire an Esquire, a Philadelphia-based tech-driven legal staffing organization, in January 2023 and has incorporated the proprietary online platform into its operations. MLA aims to continue growing its technology-based recruiting capabilities to continue to drive forward its candidate care and development.

Potential clients can use the link here to book a demo to learn more about the subscription plans and explore the benefits of the platform.

About Hire an Esquire

Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Hire an Esquire helps law firms and in-house legal departments instantly connect with premiere flexible legal talent via a suite of hiring and workforce management tools coupled with a network of 15,000+ vetted attorneys and paraprofessionals nationally. Technology and a proprietary assessment process developed from established research on predicting workplace performance instantly recommend the candidates most likely to succeed in a particular role and work environment. Learn more at www.hireanesquire.com

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