Candidate Case Study - Experienced Government & BigLaw Attorney Carving a Path Back In-House





Varying in-house consulting legal roles

The Challenge 

About five years ago, Major, Lindsey & Africa Interim Legal Talent recruiter had connected with a lawyer who came from a BigLaw background, had moved in-house and then took a chance on a government position. He quickly realized government was not the direction he wanted to take his career in, so he wanted to explore how to best market himself to get back into corporate in-house roles.

Working with Interim Legal Talent 

While at first the attorney was a little hesitant to take on consulting roles, MLA Interim eventually placed him in his first consulting role with a human capital management solutions company. The consulting attorney made a wonderful impression on our client and proved to be an asset to the team. He very quickly felt it was a wonderful match and a great decision to take a chance on a contract role in order to get into a wonderful organization. He became such a vital asset to the client that he stayed on through a few rounds of COVID-related layoffs before the last of the consultants on the team were unfortunately laid off.

MLA Interim continued to stay in touch during the early stages of COVID, and once remote work picked up again, we found him a new consulting role to pursue. Thanks to the support of the first client and the strong reference they provided, the consulting attorney secured a second consulting role with a healthcare organization. He once again had a successful engagement covering a maternity leave. As that assignment came to a close, we were able to place him with another start-up healthcare technology company—his third contract assignment.

He stayed on his third contract assignment for nearly a year, where he saw a change in GC and management and continued to successfully support the company through these changes. Though there were discussions about making him a permanent employee, he confided in his recruiter his long-term goals and desire for something different as a permanent option. After many months, a new interim role that was a better industry match for his goals and that had potential to become permanent became available. Our consulting attorney decided to take this new consulting role to better align with his career path. After a few months, he was made a permanent offer to join and he accepted.

Candidate Success Story 

Though this talented attorney had taken a sidestep in his career, he was able find his way back to the place where he wanted to be in his legal career by taking on a series of consulting roles that positioned him for the right permanent, full-time in-house position. Each role taught him new skills and built his resume, while also allowing him to share his expertise with clients that needed it.


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