Case Study - 2 Month Due Diligence Assignment




The Challenge

Our law firm client was working on a large real estate transaction from their Cleveland office where the head of their real estate group sits. They had five contract attorneys in Cleveland working on this project but required additional attorneys in New York to review lease files for over 1,300 properties. The firm expected the work to take about two months to complete and estimated that they might need additional attorneys for a second portion of the review.

The Candidate Profile

Having worked with MLA Interim Legal Talent previously, the client reached out seeking 8–12 attorneys experienced in commercial leasing matters. The selected candidates needed three years of real estate due diligence experience reviewing lease files. These attorneys also needed to have immediate availability, be prepared to hit the ground running and be able to stay on through the completion of the two-month project. Further, candidates needed to thrive and excel in a fast paced and high-volume environment with little oversight.

Working with Interim Legal Talent

Our candidates, many of whom have not worked with Major, Lindsey & Africa previously, benefited from Interim Legal Talent’s ability to move quickly. Within five days of starting the search, candidate resumes were sent to the client for review. The Interim Legal Talent recruiters worked closely with each candidate to tailor their resumes to fully reflect the leasing expertise that was required. The 11 interim attorneys who were ultimately hired were extended offers based entirely on their resumes. The Interim Legal Talent team guided the candidates through the hiring process, helping them complete the necessary paperwork swiftly and accurately. The candidates were prepared to start their new assignments within two weeks of the initial outreach of the client. All 11 interim attorneys successfully completed the project. Two of those attorneys’ contracts were extended and they remained on to support the next stage of the project.

Candidate Success Story

Within two weeks of the project, one of the attorneys was promoted to a supervisory - second review role for the New York team. In that role, the attorney was responsible for supervising a team of contract attorneys in connection with the project. This attorney was also asked to stay on the project for a second phase that began in January. Shortly after, the attorney started to assist one of the real estate partners with an overflow of real estate lending and finance matters. After almost a year with the firm, the attorney was offered (and accepted) a position as a real estate associate at the firm.


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