Case Study - Consumer Goods and Products




The Client

Global leader in consumer goods and products

The Challenge

As our client progressed through a pending acquisition, the GC was faced with a department that lacked deal expertise and bandwidth necessary to efficiently address the post-acquisition needs of the deal. They were relying solely on outside counsel and needed to find an alternative solution that would reduce their overall legal spend but still provide them with the expertise and flexibility of ramping up and down legal support as the specificity of the deal took shape.

The Solution

As Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Interim Legal Talent recruiters engaged with the client and learned of current state and plans for growth, Interim Legal Talent developed a plan that would provide on-demand legal consultants—on a full-time or part-time basis—to assist with post-acquisition matters. Within a week of finalizing the talent profile, Interim Legal Talent identified qualified candidates available to nimbly assist with the client’s deal closing and post-acquisition needs. 

During the pre-closing period, Interim Legal Talent consultants were able to assist with securities document preparation, antitrust filings, contracts, IP, tax and HR documentation matters as well as closure due diligence. Then post-acquisition, our consultants helped with employment agreement matters, labor negotiations, IT licensing matters as well as tax, benefit and financial obligations on an on-going basis.

The Results

By engaging Interim Legal Talent legal consultants, our client was able to creatively and seamlessly engage talented M&A lawyers, on-boarding and off-boarding talent as acquisition strategies ebbed and flowed. The client’s C-suite and GC were pleased with MLA Interim Legal Talent’s ability to provide the legal expertise and talent quality equal to that of outside counsel while providing significant cost control. 


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