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B.S.ing with Mia Yamamoto

Born in a Japanese American internment camp as Michael Yamamoto, Mia Yamamoto has experienced hate and injustice first hand. In this episode of B.S.: Beyond Stereotypes, she shares with Merle Vaughn how she embraces her authentic self and the need for all minorities to work together to effect change.

B.S.: Beyond Stereotypes · BSing with Mia Yamamoto

A transgender woman, Mia Yamamoto was born Michael Yamamoto in 1943 at the Poston, Arizona Internment Camp. She graduated from Cal State University with a B.S. in government in 1966. Prior to her transition, she joined the Army, in which she served from 66-68 and was awarded many medals including the National Defense Service medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Vietnam campaign medal.

After the army, she attended UCLA Law School, where she co-founded the Asian Pacific Islander Law student association. In 1984, after several years as a public defender, she opened her own practice and has been working as a criminal lawyer since. Mia is an LGBTQ activist, an accomplished musician and rock and roll band lead singer.

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