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B.S.ing with Mindy Gulati

Mindy Gulati, Texas-based Civil Rights and DEI activist, was raised in Utah by grandparents who taught her the importance of standing up for herself and the rights of others. In this episode of B.S.: Beyond Stereotypes, Mindy shares her unique family story and explores her commitment to feminism and social equity.

Mindy Gulati is founder and CEO of Fundamental Advisory, a consulting firm focused on advising businesses, law firms, state and local governments, and nonprofits on issues related to Culture, Leadership, and Strategy.

Using her expertise and personal approach, she designs and executes strategic plans, drafts policies and procedures, serves as a close advisor to executives and their teams and creates custom workshops for a wide range of organizations around the country. Her focus is building thriving and innovative cultures, strategy for equity and inclusion, antiracism, bias awareness, providing foundational leadership guidance and support, executive coaching, educating on the ethical implications of bias, as well as guiding organizations on legal issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

She regularly tackles complex issues such as racial tensions at the workplace, implicit and explicit bias in decision making, creating culturally intelligent and responsive workplaces, and ethical leadership. Her legal background gives her a key advantage in understanding these issues with an eye towards risk mitigation and by crafting specific policies and procedures to guard against the harms that workplace inequities create.

As a former criminal defense trial attorney, as a current expert witness on racial bias, and as an expert on DEI, she is passionate about fostering equity and inclusion through her work and has seen how people thrive when barriers are removed. She is intentional in the projects she takes on and leaves a lasting impact on the organizations she works with. She has invested tremendous energy throughout her career sparking lasting movements for change through relationship-building and hard work; though her most profound joy comes from opening minds, opening doors, and making the world a more just and equitable place. She prides herself on being a support for others and recognizes that incremental improvement is only part of the path to success, not the finish line.

Mindy was raised to seek racial justice and solidarity in our country and has made it her life’s work to do her part to help realize true equity, justice, and access for all.

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