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GC Conversation with Antonella Centra, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability at Gucci

In this episode of GC Conversations, Antonella Centra catches up with Naveen Tuli, who placed her in her first in-house role. In a CV that boasts some of the most well-known brands in the world, Antonella has approached her career with a healthy degree of curiosity. She gives her best advise to in-house lawyers, explains why she loves the business of law and shares the “sliding doors” moments in her career.

Over the Spring of 2021, consultants with Major, Lindsay & Africa’s In-House Counsel group set out to create a version of the old fireside chat via video chat with general counsel and legal leaders around the world. 

The result is a series of candid, spontaneous and friendly chats with some of the most fascinating legal leaders in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America. If you enjoyed this episode of GC Conversations, you can view the full series here.

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