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GC Conversation with Maria Varsellona, General Counsel & Company Secretary, ABB Ltd

For Maria Varsellona, GC and company secretary at ABB Ltd, the only constant is change. She talks to MLA’s Naveen Tuli and Tanja Albers about the common themes in her career: a passion for building teams, strong belief in fair play and reliance on common sense. Maria believes our colleagues always have something to teach us, and she works to ensure she and her legal team are trusted business partners—advisors rather than only firefighters.

Over the Spring of 2021, consultants with Major, Lindsay & Africa’s In-House Counsel group set out to create a version of the old fireside chat via video chat with general counsel and legal leaders around the world. 

The result is a series of candid, spontaneous and friendly chats with some of the most fascinating legal leaders in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and North America. If you enjoyed this episode of GC Conversations, you can view the full series here.

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