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GCs: Making the Business Case for Investment and Headcount


How can general counsel secure investments needed to address new requirements and maintain their teams? 

As the current health and economic crisis continues to reshape business norms, now, more than ever, is the time for in-house leaders to build a defensible business case for the legal department’s operating model, including additional headcounts. 

Following the success of our recent discussion in Asia Pacific, Duc Trang and Bianca Adams-Thomond have adapted and addressed the issues below for EMEA general counsel:

  • Getting on the front foot: why numbers and data matter 
  • How to best articulate the legal team’s cost, quality and value 
  • Creating a data-based business case with actionable insight to support investment requests


Duc Vinh Trang

Managing Director at Major, Lindsey & Africa

Bianca Adams - Thomond

Managing Director at Major, Lindsey & Africa

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