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Humanity, Appreciation, Benefits: How Law Firms Can Create a Culture That Attracts and Retains Talent.


How would you define your law firm culture? More importantly, how do your employees—past and present—talk about your law firm?

In this one-hour webinar, Kate Reder Sheikh, managing director in our Associate Practice Group, and Jarrett Green, Well-Being, Stress Resiliency & Peak Performance Consultant, explore what makes for a good culture.

Topics they discussed:

  • What it means to have a good law firm culture
  • The role culture plays in attracting and retaining talent
  • The concrete steps firms can take to enhance and communicate a positive/supportive culture
  • What 2020 taught us about culture
  • How to right the ship if culture has a negative connotation


Kate Reder Sheikh

Managing Director, Associate Practice Group
Major, Lindsey & Africa

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Location: On-Demand
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