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Conversation & Briefing with McKinsey & Company Regarding COVID-19: Implications for Law Firms


Law firms are facing unprecedented challenges and the path forward is unclear. Lessons from past downturns, as well as those learned from actions taken by other industries, can help law firm leaders respond to these challenges and set the right priorities for the long run.

Jeffrey Lowe, D.C. office managing partner and global practice leader of Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Partner Practice Group, convened experts from McKinsey & Company to discuss their recent briefing: COVID-19: Implications for law firms. Jeffrey was joined by members of McKinsey’s Financial Services Practice: Suhrid Gajendragadkar, senior partner in the Washington, D.C., office; Albert Bollard, partner in the New York office; Alex D’Amico, senior partner and Gabriella Garbasz, a consultant in the legal services and organization practice.

Topics discussed included:

  • COVID-19: The situation now
  • Implication from the prior downturns
  • Priorities for law firm leaders

Hosted by:

Jeffrey Lowe

Global Practice Leader, Law Firm Practice and Managing Partner, Washington, D.C at Major, Lindsey & Africa

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