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Negotiate Your Compensation Like A Rock Star: This Time It’s Personal (Part 2)


Before going into any new role, you should know what you are worth. Eliza Stoker and Heather Fine were joined by John A. Nixon, Partner - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation at Duane Morris, for a discussion and 30-minute role-play about understanding the complexities of negotiating compensation (the right way!), a company’s compensation culture and where you fit. Topics included:

  • Market conditions
  • How COVID-19 has impacted compensation
  • Counter-offers or juggling multiple offers
  • Candidates' negotiating position are not all equal
  • A company’s compensation culture
  • Public company versus private company (PE-owned company) compensation


Eliza Stoker

Executive  Director at Major, Lindsey & Africa

Heather Fine

Partner, In-House Counsel Recruiting at Major, Lindsey & Africa

John Nixon

Partner - Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation at Duane Morris

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Location: On-Demand
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