Case Study - Nonprofit Recycling Programs




The Client

A national nonprofit dedicated to the development and implementation of statewide recycling programs

The Challenge

Our client had experienced explosive growth in a short period of time and found themselves needing to respond to changes in hundreds of contracts while also maintaining daily operations with a small legal team. Due to heavy reliance on outside vendors to conduct the daily recycling processes, their field teams maintained all of their contracts on an ad hoc basis. Though they had gone to outside counsel for assistance over the years, the increasing volume of contracts in their database made legal operations more complex. With more and more agreements being negotiated on the fly by field teams, a request for amendments to be made to all of their contracts by their California-based vendors meant that our client found themselves severely understaffed and unequipped to respond effectively. With outside counsel costs proving prohibitive, a senior leader within the client’s organization was referred to Major, Lindsey & Africa by a General Counsel they had previously placed to consider their options.

The Solution

The Interim Legal Talent team initially met with the client to gain a full understanding of the project at hand, the type of candidate that would thrive in the role and the skills required to deliver successfully. It was decided that the right candidate would join the team on a temporary basis with the potential for converting to a full-time role if they proved to be a good fit for the team. As is often the case for non-profit organizations, concerns about budgets were discussed and clarified so that the client would receive the best candidates without breaking the bank. Within 24 hours of receiving the details of the role, the Interim Legal Talent team began identifying talent.

Within four days of launching the search, Interim Legal Talent presented three highly qualified candidates that matched the role’s requirements and fell within our client’s preferred budgetary range. Our client ultimately selected a highly qualified candidate who not only had extensive experience to reviewing, drafting and negotiating the documents that the client was working with but also had exposure to working with documents originating from the state from which the client had received the request for amendments.

The Results

Through a consultative and advisory partnership with our client, Interim Legal Talent was able to provide an excellent candidate who could not only address the immediate challenges faced by the client but also to anticipate and deliver on future obstacles to the organization’s operations. Not long after starting, our client moved to a remote working operation due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The interim candidate transitioned to remote work with huge success, and the project remains ongoing.


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