Case Study: Business Process Outsourcing Company




The Client

Fortune 100 business processing company specializing in outsourced administrative functions and human resource technologies.

The Problem

Our client was facing a busy business cycle that saw its own business bookings up 18% in the quarter and 13% for the year, which meant more transactional work for the legal department. Unfortunately, attrition had created two openings in the department just when those services were needed most. The client wanted AmLaw 100 trained transactional attorneys with large contracts negotiations experience to support their multinational accounts business.

The Solution

Major, Lindsey & Africa's Interim Legal Talent group helped identify multiple AmLaw trained deal lawyers with the contracts negotiation experience the client required. We effectively filled both open positions with temporary contract attorneys. Both came with a high level of skills and experience, including what was required by the client's multinational business.

The Success

Both positions were filled in a relatively short period of time and met the client's needs for a short-term assignment. Ultimately, one candidate was converted to a full-time employee.




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