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MLA Interim Legal Talent

Ready When You Need Top Talent on a Moment’s Notice.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, law firms and corporate legal departments must be fluid, nimble and able to immediately respond to their clients’ demands. And when they can’t, that’s when MLA Interim Legal Talent is most valuable. 

Our knowledgeable search professionals, many of whom have legal training, are skilled at swiftly identifying the skilled attorney or paralegal with expertise in your specific industry or legal practice area of need.

Navigating Your Staffing Challenge

Backed by Major, Lindsey & Africa’s global network of legal experts, we will find the best-qualified, best-fitting talent for your organization every time.
Many clients view us as their trusted advisor and creative problem-solver, there for them before, during and after their flexible legal talent needs are met.  That's likely because we are tenacious and work hard and run fast for their business; so much so that many feel as though they are our only focus.

Looking for legal talent?

From in-house and law firm recruitment to legal advisory services, we provide total talent management
solutions to law firms and legal departments looking to navigate the road to success.

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