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Interim Legal Talent

On-Demand Legal Talent for an In-Demand World.


In today’s fast-paced business climate, law firms and corporate legal departments must be resourceful and responsive as they address their clients’ legal and business issues. MLA Interim Legal Talent has the capabilities and technology to engage overworked and under-supported law firms and corporate legal departments with on-demand and expert legal talent for project and assignment-based matters.

We have career-long relationships with experienced interim counsel and consulting lawyers who enjoy the challenge and flexibility of working engagement to engagement. After we take the time to discern your exact needs, our consultants across the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific assess our global network of qualified legal and compliance professionals to introduce you to skilled experts who can join your team for as long as you need the extra support—whether that’s addressing workload for a challenging practice area, covering deal-based overflow for contracts and transactional matters, or on-boarding a team of consultants for a six-month due diligence project.


interim starts in 2023
of U.S. consulting lawyers placed were female in 2023
dedicated interim recruiters globally

Put Yourself in Control of Your Career

Your legal career does not have to follow a conventional path. In fact, there are many avenues through which you can identify fulfilling career opportunities and meet your professional goals—one of which is through consulting and interim roles.

Whether you are seeking to add skills to your already extensive repertoire of experience, explore new industries and organizations or gain more work-life balance, consulting legal work puts you in control of your legal career. We work with the world’s leading law firms, global multinationals and listed companies, as well as boutique firms and start-ups to support their legal projects and provide on-demand legal talent. We are always looking to partner with subject-matter experts and career-oriented lawyers who we can call upon at a moment’s notice and connect with opportunities that will further their legal careers and benefit organizations around the world.

Explore our current open interim opportunities and discover where your legal career can take you.


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