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Law Firm Management

We Find Savvy Executives to Strategically Lead Law Firms.


Like any business, law firms need business executives who can lead strategically and effectively. But law firms are unique environments and require leaders with more than business acumen to thrive and succeed in this environment.

At Major, Lindsey & Africa, we excel at recruiting C-suite and senior-level executive talent adept at navigating rapidly shifting marketplace conditions, demanding new regulations and ever-intensifying competition. Whether the need is simply identifying a new, steady hand at the wheel; transitioning to the next generation; moving toward a more strategic approach to management; or building processes and leadership teams from the ground up, we help law firms build a powerful, dynamic leadership team that will get them where they want to go.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Operations / Administration
  • Practice Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing / Business Development
  • HR / Talent
  • Diversity
  • Professional Development
  • Technology

Partner with one of our Law Firm Management consultants to discuss your hiring needs.


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