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Board Services

We Excel at Building Diverse, High-Performing Boards.


Never have the stakeholder demands on boards been greater—from shareholders, employees, customers, regulators, proxy advisors, activist investors and the general public. Additionally, the dynamic nature of today’s capital markets, geopolitical events and technology advancement all point to the need for boards to reassess their current capabilities and focus on governance effectiveness and board refreshment. We are intimately familiar with the qualities new directors must embody to meet current boardroom demands and the expertise needed to enhance future board decisions.

We work collaboratively with board leadership, governance and nominating committees, CEOs, general counsel and senior leadership teams to build successful, enduring enterprises. We are deeply committed to accelerating diversity in executive leadership teams and in the boardroom—over 70% of our placements during the past seven years have been diverse.

Our Board Services team has a proven track record of assisting boards with:

  • Director Search, Onboarding and Assimilation
  • Board Refreshment Planning
  • Governance Effectiveness Assessments and Board Development Plans
  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Pre-IPO Governance Readiness
  • Private Company Governance Effectiveness
  • M&A Integration Governance Planning

Prepare for Future Independent Director Opportunities
If you are a senior corporate executive with an interest in becoming an independent corporate director, we want to help you prepare for success in the boardroom. We are proud to partner with the Directors Academy, a national not-for-profit dedicated to developing and advancing the next generation of diverse board members and future board leaders.

Led by a faculty comprised of high-performing public and private company board leaders, complemented by corporate governance content experts from the University of California, Berkeley Haas Business School, the NextGen Directors program experience covers key corporate director duties and responsibilities, the work of the full board and individual committees, an interactive board case session and governance best practice exchange.

Each program participant is provided an opportunity to develop relationships with existing board leaders and further refine their future board interests. This long-standing relationship has allowed us to introduce boards to the next generation of board members and provide board-ready senior executives access to a variety of corporate governance opportunities.

Learn more about the NextGen Directors program and the Directors Academy.
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    Improving the First-Year Experience for New Directors

    It is no secret that in the past many corporate boards did a less-than-sufficient job of onboarding directors. In the days when new board members were often known to one or more of the exist-ing directors, the lack of a well-designed onboarding process did not significantly impact the overall contribution of that individual. Informal networks would often fill the gap.

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    Improving the First-Year Experience for New Directors

Governance Effectiveness & Advisory Services

Working closely with boards and executive leadership teams, our team has extensive experience facilitating full board and committee governance effectiveness self-assessments that provide foundational information to design future board improvement plans and more impactful board skills matrices. Our process consists of a comprehensive online survey focused on key governance effectiveness performance drivers, including:

  • Enterprise Oversight
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning and Management Compensation
  • Board Composition and Meetings
  • Board Leadership
  • Committee Structure and Overall Performance
  • Individual Committee Performance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Board Culture and Director Engagement


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