Case Study - Global Apparel Retailer




The Client

Global apparel retailer with 3,500+ locations nationwide and a robust e-commerce business

The Challenge

Our client acquired a large apparel manufacturer in March 2019 and sought a team of attorneys to assist with the integration of the acquired organization. Specifically, the client sought to review the acquired company’s contracts, incorporate them into its contracts management database and create an efficient work flow.

The Solution

Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Interim Legal Talent team met with the client and asked pointed questions to learn about the volume, specifics of the varied commercial agreements, and the potential financial and legal implications involved. Based on this brief, but impactful meeting, MLA Interim created a candidate source map and phenotype, made recommendations and forecasted the cost of the project.

We were able to deliver by tapping into our network to find qualified, experienced candidates who could hit-the-ground running. We were able to onboard someone very quickly—less than two weeks from when the initial call came in.

The Results

Our client was impressed by Interim Legal Talent’s great communication, responsiveness and expansive pool of candidates. They were able to allocate their legal needs to our team, which allowed their internal people to focus on other initiatives in the company.

While their initial request was for one attorney, the client turned to Major, Lindsey & Africa for two additional candidates. They now have our three attorneys working together, providing support to facilitate the successful integration of the two companies.


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