Case Study - Multinational Banking Brokerage




The Client

An American multinational banking and brokerage services corporation

The Challenge

Our client was challenged with a government mandated deadline for amendments and updates made to thousands of financial agreements due to an acquisition. Due to the limited size of the existing legal team and this government deadline, substantial legal staff augmentation was required to meet the timeline. The client needed to onboard 24 attorneys and paralegals within three weeks in order to meet the pending government timeline.

The Solution

The client had worked with Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Interim Legal Talent team as a partner in their preferred Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) program. They were confident in our experience working with and knowledge of legal contractors as well as our recruiting capabilities for large volume attorney and paralegal projects. The client also knew that Interim Legal Talent’s geographic footprint would allow us to deliver a high volume of contractors in multiple locations on time and on budget. The geographic requirements presented a challenge as Interim Legal Talent had to focus on two specific U.S. legal markets that are traditionally not known for a large candidate base.

After gaining an understanding of the skillset required in the desired attorneys and paralegals, Interim Legal Talent connected with its network across the U.S. to identify 24 legal professionals within the desired markets who could be onboarded and begin the voluminous contracts review project immediately.

The Results

With MLA Interim’s support, our client is on schedule for a successful launch to meet their deadline. We are currently providing many skilled corporate attorneys and paralegals in multiple locations.


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