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B.S.ing with Courtney Munnings

Going through life masking to fit in can be exhausting and lead to burn out. Learning to believe the way you are is the right way to be can unlock your power and potential. Courtney Munnings, Diversity Lab’s Mansfield Rule and Knowledge Sharing Specialist, successfully navigated law school and Big Law firm life prior to confirming she is autistic and dyslexic and has OCD. In this episode of BS: Beyond Stereotypes, Courtney shares her courageous journey with Merle Vaughn.

Courtney Munnings, Mansfield Rule and Knowledge Sharing Specialist for Diversity Lab, spent eight years practicing as an attorney at the Philadelphia and Princeton offices of Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP, where she defended companies in complex civil litigation. She also maintained a substantial pro bono practice, representing clients regarding home ownership in “tangled title” cases, legal name changes for transgender and non-binary persons, breach of contract claims, prisoner civil rights, and veterans’ and social security benefits.

Courtney is from Springfield, Massachusetts. She studied Chemistry and Spanish at Temple University and received her J.D. from the Rutgers School of Law in Camden, New Jersey. Courtney is a Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Pathfinder and is passionate about boosting diversity in the legal profession. She serves as a member of the Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, Inc. and on RespectAbility’s Disability Training and Speakers Bureau.

Courtney is autistic and is especially committed to promoting neurodiversity and advocating for the rights, participation, and inclusion of autistic people and all people with disabilities.

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