Case Study - Global Agricultural Producer




The Client

Global Agricultural Producer

The Challenge

Upon joining the company, the new general counsel was tasked with setting up a new legal department. Having many other projects underway, she needed to complete the continued workload while making organizational and structural legal team changes. The GC knew she wanted to begin with an assessment within the legal team but felt that additional support would be needed to move forward with building out the team and balancing the existing workload.

The Solution

The general counsel reached out to the Amsterdam Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Interim Legal team. We sat down with her and discussed her goals and the different options available. We advised her to hire a senior lawyer who would not be seen as a threat to the team. This contractor would require exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Within two days, we presented a variety of different senior contractors who had many years of experience working in this capacity as well as with Major, Lindsey & Africa.

The Results

The contractor helped with building and designing the team while also taking on the requested legal work over the course of 14 months. Interim Legal continues to stay in contact with the general counsel, assisting her with additional placements as the workload fluctuates. 


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