Gen-Z: Shaping Tomorrow’s Law Firm Culture


Gen-Z: Shaping Tomorrow’s Law Firm Culture, a survey of law school students who were born between 1995 and 2000, explores Generation Z’s view of the legal profession and their expectations for practicing law.

In this report, current law school students provide insight into their:

  • Desired plans for employment after law school
  • Perceptions about current law firm culture
  • Considerations when evaluating a potential employer
  • Expectations for work life

A few highlights from the survey:

  • Fifty-nine percent of respondents plan to join Big Law, while 21% are looking to join a mid-sized firm. Somewhat surprisingly, 11% want to join a nonprofit.
  • In the long term, 31% want to go into government/nonprofit, 30% want to go in-house and 23% want to become a partner at a law firm.
  • Sixty-six percent say work-life balance is very important, 29% say it is somewhat important and 0% say it is unimportant.

To read more of the findings, download the full report.

Download the Report

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