Case Study: Automated Template Contracts Review


The Client

An $18B global subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company in the Midwestern United States that manufactures, sells and services medical diagnostic equipment, research equipment and related software.

The Challenge

The client has gone through several lean initiatives and, as part of that process, reduced the size of its law department. The client's primary challenge was to find a way to enable its law department to focus on high-priority, business-critical legal work while drafting high volumes of lower risk contracts. The client identified a large cluster of contracts that were:

  • High in volume
  • Fairly Standard
  • Rarely subject to negotiation

The client issued a Request for Proposal asking potential service providers to address how they would:

  • Create standard templates for several categories of documents
  • Create web-based automation tools that would allow business owners to quickly create certain basic agreements without need for law department review
  • Analyze more complex agreements to create clause libraries and playbooks for the creation of more complex agreements typically drafted by the law department
  • Create automated tools to expedite the drafting and negotiation of the more complex agreements
  • Integrate DocuSign into each of the solutions and creating workflow to store the executed agreements in the appropriate repository.

Major, Lindsey and Africa's Managed Legal Services team was the successful responder to the Request for Proposal and thus engaged by the client.

The Approach

The client and the Managed Legal Services team began with an extensive diligence process to understand and document the client's approach to contracting. The team spent time with members of the law department to explore workloads, volumes and contract types. In doing so, the Managed Legal Services team worked with the client to develop an approach to automating the creation of certain types of documents and the prioritization of the work. The team then worked with stakeholders both inside and outside of the legal department to understand the volumes of the initial groups of contracts, how and by whom those contracts were currently being drafted, and what functionality was needed to draft compliant agreements in the most efficient way possible.

The Solution

The Managed Legal Services team created several automated solutions that allow business users to draft certain basic documents from any device that has an Internet connection. As an example, a business unit's team members can access a Web portal while they are in a customer's office, answer a series of questions and draft a non-disclosure agreement in minutes. That agreement can then be emailed to the client for digital signature directly from the field. In the rare instances where the customer wants to negotiate the non-disclosure agreement, there is a workflow process that routes the agreement to a designated attorney for review within the client's law department.

The Result

In each instance, the solutions built by the Managed Legal Services team have been enthusiastically adopted, both by the client's law department and its representatives in the field. As a result, many types of business initiatives are moving forward at this time. The Managed Legal Services team is continuing to work with the client on automating additional categories of contracts and standard documents.

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