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2018 Partner Compensation Report | Major, Lindsey & Africa

This report, the fifth in the MLA series, continues to be the single most comprehensive study of partner compensation, criteria used by firms to determine compensation and partner satisfaction with their compensation and compensation systems.

In the 2018 edition, we have added a number of new questions relating to the gender pay gap and engaged a research team to take a deeper dive into what the data is telling us about the factors contributing to the pay differential.

Key Findings:

  • Average compensation for all partners was $885,000, up 1% from 2016 ($877,000).
  • Male partners’ average compensation outpaces that of female partners ($959,000 vs. $627,000).
  • 78% of respondents classified themselves as Very Satisfied, Moderately Satisfied or Slightly Satisfied with their life as attorneys.
  • Regression analysis indicates originations and billing rates together were responsible for nearly 75% of the overall variation in compensation across all partners in this survey.

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