Hiring a Millennial? Consider This

When looking to hire a millennial, make sure you accommodate their expectations in the interview. What should you do in an interview to accommodate a millennial candidate?

Techniques for finding millennial lateral candidates:

  • Provide deep information beyond what a firm website offers.
  • Differentiate your firm in the market and avoid interviewing unqualified candidates by:
    • Sharing background of the search: Why is there a need? Are there any obstacles to the search? How important are academics with respect to credentials? How long has the need been open? What candidates have/have not been of interest and why?
    • Providing practice group/firm facts: What is the composition of the group? With which partners would this associate work? How many hours are associates currently billing in the group? What type of work are the associates in the group handling? Any notable deals/cases or names of sexy clients to share? Where have associates gone when they’ve left?
    • Understanding process: How many rounds of interviews will take place? How quickly is the firm hoping to make a decision? Who handles the screening interviews?
    • Highlighting success stories: Share stories of successful lateral candidates.
    • Teaming up with trusted recruiters: Work together to develop strategies for difficult or high-candidate volume searches.

Hiring a Millennial? Consider This.


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