Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Justice Initiatives

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative includes four pillars:

  • People: We connect talented individuals with the world's most successful organizations every day to drive today's global workforce.
  • Community: We believe in supporting the communities where we live and serve. We believe community involvement is an important piece of personal development and gives individuals the opportunity to promote awareness and understanding within their community.
  • Environment: Recognizing that our work has an indirect effect on the environment, we are committed to reducing our impact, while educating and empowering our employees to make more environmentally responsible choices.
  • Governance and Ethics: We conduct business according to the highest ethical standards and based on our shared values. Our employees abide by a code of conduct that helps our employees make sound decisions in complex situations involving our company and our business.

In an effort to increase diversity in the pipeline of legal professionals, we formed partnerships with local and national organizations to help individual succeed in life through education, job preparation programs, exposure to cultural activities and self-confidence.  To date, we have worked with these organizations to:

  • Support the Urban League of Chicago’s Scholars Program by providing a scholarship and internship to one student annually. In 2022, we had our first scholar/intern. Jessica Steele, who started at DePaul University in fall 2022 as a pre-law student, joined the Chicago office over the summer where she assisted with various searches and met with many of our recruiters. Jess has wanted to be a lawyer since 6th grade but with a singular vision of being in the courtroom. She told us that her mind was blown on how many areas of law one can practice and now has much more to think about on her journey.
  • Provide “gap scholarships” to undergraduate and law students helping them continue their studies through the Jack & Jill Foundation. We are currently partners with Howard University School of Law and also donated directly to Howard University for pre/law students. In 2023, we started offering a paid internship as well and anticipate our first intern next summer.  The intern will have the opportunity to work with recruiters in our DC office and in our GC’s office in Hanover, Maryland.
  • Partner with St. John’s University (NY) providing $25,000 in gap scholarships to historically marginalized law students and undergraduate students in their dual-degree (bachelor’s/JD) program. We also offer paid internships to SJU Law students. The intern will be based in either our New York or Basking Ridge office.
  • Joined Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), a membership organization comprised of more than 400 Chief Legal Officers and law firm Managing Partners who have “pledged themselves, through [LCLD’s] Leaders at the Front initiative and other means,  to creating a truly diverse U.S. legal profession”.  This includes working to promote inclusiveness in their organizations, their circles of influence and our society.  LCLD offers several programs designed to “attract, inspire, and nurture talent,” helping a new and more diverse generation of attorneys ascend to positions of leadership.  One of these programs is the 1L LCLD Scholars Program, which includes an internship with member organizations. We look forward to hosting a 1L LCLD Scholar during the summer of 2023.

“The recipients of the JJ College GAP Fund are so deserving of this assistance. They are bright talented students that are at the brink of graduation with a small unmet financial need.  We don’t just offer this financial relief as an incentive – rather, it’s more of a necessity, providing students with this financial support necessary to cross the finish line.” – Pier Blake,  Executive Director, Jack and Jill Foundation.

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