5 To-Dos In Recruiting To Prepare For A Post-Covid World


The recruiting industry is a rapidly-changing industry that has been deeply impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Likewise, the way companies and firms are hiring and engaging talent completely flipped after stay-at-home orders were put in place. With some sectors bursting with activity and others cautiously on hold, what five steps can you take to attract the best in the future?

1. Transparency

Transparency has been a key issue for organizations during this time - in an unknown world, balancing the sharing of information without causing panic has been a hurdle for organizational leadership. 

This trend for clarity will continue - candidates will be more inquisitive about your past actions as a nod to how you will control the future. Likewise, interviews will likely be more direct and upfront in nature as both sides of the coin try to see if there is a match in an imperfect hiring process. 

Think about the framework you are giving to your interviewers and invest time giving additional support and training to help them deal with tough questions in the best way, while delivering a consistent but honest message.

2. Flexibility

The ability to work remotely during this time has been transformative for organizations. Although this is not possible for every sector and role, seeing that it can work in a number of functions will surely be an expectation of some candidates when the new normal returns.

With Twitter’s recent announcement that employees may work from home indefinitely, searches for job opportunities there increased by up to 80%. While the topic is on-trend, more candidates are thinking about what is really important to them and where they want to be, so capitalize on this time and offer some flexibility.

Even if it is hard to offer full remote working, think about ways you can incorporate new ideas into your workforce - summer hours, breakfasts, extra time off, or flexible working hours can all contribute to your flexible image and build an attractive culture.

3. Tell your story

Candidates will want to be more engaged in their company brand and ethos - this is already a trend we have seen in the generations and will be further exposed in a post-Covid world. 

Think about your product or service journey and which parts set you apart, then apply that to your interview and talent strategy. Why do people work here? Why are you different? What makes you stay?

In a time of insecurity, people will be seeking a sense of loyalty and stability when exploring a new role. Sell them your culture, team, and successes in getting through tough times to present an optimistic future. 

4. Think outside the box

When needing to hire, be creative in your search for talent. There has been a significant change in a lot of industries, but there is also opportunity. What can different skill-sets bring to the table? Take a chance on an unconventional candidate that may surprise you by at least inviting them to the interview. 

During times of disruption, organizations need to continue to be internally disruptive. The headline shifts of work culture that we see come from an innovative mindset and provide new opportunities to take your business in a direction of growth, especially during an economic recovery. 

If you have a testing element of your recruiting process, consider reinvigorating it with a new angle such as video introductions during the application, or a creative exercise that asks candidates to solve a real problem on the job. 

5. Be bold

Take risks and be bold in the current climate. Amidst the chaos and sadness, there is a great opportunity to try new things that can appeal to your employees and decrease attrition, while improving your bottom line.

Examine your recruiting process and talent pipeline - question whether you are competitive, quick, and disruptive. Will you fare well in the upcoming talent war that will be won by agility and flexibility?

Millennials and Gen-Z are already dominating the workplace. Work processes, office culture, and ways of generating revenue will change because of this group’s perspective and experiences. By embracing a bold mindset, you will realize Millennial and Gen-Z’s potential, and drive your business forward in the long-run.


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